Vertical Storage Folding Chair Cart (DY35)

Vertical Storage Folding Chair Cart (DY35)


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Item Description

This durable folding chair cart provides a stable storage and transportation solution for upright folding chairs. It is designed for easy maneuverability and offers advanced steering with four casters, two stationary and two swivel. The cart features three tubular handles with one in the middle and one at each end to provide better control when turning corners. The cart is durably constructed with brown powder coated steel, is made in the USA, and features a five year manufacturer's warranty. This folding chair cart is specially engineered to make transporting folding chairs easy for a number of event purposes. The cart features a wide inner lip to easily hold folding chairs at 15 1/4"-19".


  • 35 chairs maximum
  • Option: Under the Stage Conversion Cart Kit Converts the DY35 chair cart to accommodate folding chairs sideways for under stage storage. Kit includes two low handle bars and a slider that locks handle bar into position at the desired location.


  • Dimensions: 76"L x 19 1/4"W
  • Tubular Handles: 38.5" and 31"H; 1"OD (outside diameter)


Vertical Storage Folding Chair Cart DY35