#900W-1 (4' 8 1/2" wide)

#900W-1 (4' 8 1/2" wide)


Item Code: I900W-1

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This wood wing pulpit is impressively designed with luxurious materials so that it can stand as a commanding centerpiece in a church pulpit for multiple generations. The pulpit is durably crafted with heavy-duty materials, making it a strong, secure furniture piece to be used for the purpose of public speaking in a church or chapel. This wood wing pulpit can also be used in academic and professional environments, such as lecture halls, conference facilities, and executive boardrooms when delivering a speech or presentation. The pulpit features a built-in shelf, as well as a hinged book rest, to provide additional speaker comfort when used in a public presentation.

Assembly :  No Assembly Required


#900W-1 4' 8 1/2" wide