30" x 72" Folding 3/4" Plywood Banquet Tables (623072)

30" x 72" Folding 3/4" Plywood Banquet Tables (623072)


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Item Code: 623072

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Item Description

The Folding 3/4" Plywood Banquet Tables from Virco are durably constructed with 3/4” plywood and strategically reinforced with a 7-layer plywood core. These folding tables are finished with a high-pressure laminate top surface and is also protected with a bottom backing sheet to seal against moisture and prevent warping over the long-term. These lightweight folding tables feature a patented, rolled Safe Edge apron to enhance strength during use and promote safety. The Folding 3/4" Plywood Banquet Table from Virco is also designed with patented, molded corner supports to keep the table protected during stacking and storage. Last but not least, the table is protected with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure long-lasting usage and quality.

Make sure to visit our chair and table cart department. You will find a variety of folding table carts for moving and storing your new tables. The 6' Folding Table Dolly (DY3072) is a popular option.


  • Constructed with ¾” plywood and a 7-layer plywood core.
  • High-pressure laminate top surface.
  • Bottom backing sheet to keep out moisture.
  • Patented Safe Edge apron to promote strength and security.
  • Patented, molded corner supports to protect when stacked.
  • Durable, versatile, and convenient for a number of uses.
  • Comes in Walnut with a black frame.
  • Will ship within 4 weeks from Arkansas or California.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Please e-mail or call for updated shipping rates on two or more units.


30" x 72" Folding 3/4" Plywood Banquet Tables 623072